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SinGold Distillery:
Masterful art of distillation

In the world of distillation, the SinGold distillery is undoubtedly an outstanding institution. With years of expertise and a dedication to craftsmanship that is second to none, the SinGold distillery is a true treasure in the world of spirits. Their masters know how to create first-class distillates from carefully selected ingredients and traditional processes. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the SinGold distillery, where the art of distillation is celebrated at the highest level. Find out more about their history, their products and the passion behind every drop to whisky cask. Welcome to the SinGold distillery, where the masterful art of whisky, gin & rum distillation is at home.

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Create your Cask - Ihr persönliches Whiskyfass

Ihr persönliches Whiskyfass

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Whisky events

Your personal whisky event with Singold Brand

Whisky tastings

We regularly offer whisky dinners, rum and cigar tastings and cozy barbecue evenings.

Whisky distilling

The dream of your own whisky - customize your own personal whisky cask

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You need a mobile whisky bar for your company event or company party.


Singold founder Hans-Jürgen Filp would like to introduce you to the product whisky and the whisky culture that goes with it in his blog. Here he regularly writes about special specialties and relevant events and trade fairs relating to whisky. Find out about his visits to Scotland's distilleries or the latest news about Sin-Gold Brand and the experience distillery.

Whisky dreams come true

With the SinGold whisky cask sale, connoisseurs can now slip into the role of a master blender Wehringen/Augsburg. Lovers of fine spirits can now create their own whisky with SinGold Whisky. To this end, the distillery offers the purchase of individually assembled whole whisky casks. The size of the cask, the grain from which the […]

SIN-GOLD Whisky: Newcomer with ambitions

It all started a few years ago on a whim after work. Hans-Jürgen Filp was once again sitting together with some of his connoisseur friends with a cigar and a good single malt in his hand when they decided to enrich their shared passion for exceptional whiskies with their own distillates. Filp took matters into his own hands, and in 2012 Sin-Gold Brand GmbH was launched just outside Augsburg in Bavarian Swabia.

Whisky distillery: The challenges of distilling whisky

In the fascinating world of whisky distilleries, skill, passion and dedication are essential to create exceptional whisky. But behind the fine wines lies a world full of challenges and sophistication. The art of distilling whisky requires far more than just combining water, grain and yeast.

1. the selection of the highest quality raw materials

The basis for first-class whisky is the careful selection of raw materials. From the choice of grain to the quality of the water - every decision influences the taste and aroma of the finished whisky. Distilleries often have to deal with the challenges of sourcing high-quality ingredients to guarantee a distinctive taste.

2. the art of malting and fermentation briefly explained

The malting of the grain and the fermentation process are decisive for the development of aroma in the whisky. Temperature control, the duration of the malting process and the yeast strains used for fermentation are all variables that need to be controlled. This requires a deep understanding of microbiological processes and manual dexterity.

3. perfection in whisky distillation

Distillation is the culmination of the distilling process and requires precise control of temperature and pressure. Here, the precursors of the whisky are separated from unwanted compounds and the heart - the purest part - of the distillate is extracted. It is a delicate balance that the distilleries must constantly maintain.

4. storage & maturation in our own distillery in Wehringen

The whisky develops its complex aroma and character during storage in oak casks. But challenges lurk here too. Temperature fluctuations, humidity and the choice of barrels influence the maturation process. Distilleries must demonstrate patience and master the art of time. At the whisky distillery, the challenges of distilling whisky are a daily source of inspiration for the master distillers. They are willing to honor tradition while innovating to create unique whiskies that connoisseurs around the world appreciate. The result is distillates of the highest quality that represent both the history and the future of whisky.