Contract distillery for gin, rum & whisky

Against the backdrop of the distant Alpine panorama, the highest quality spirits flow from our copper kettles. We offer our distillery for contract orders from 100 liters order volume. Hans-Jürgen specializes in distilling gin, rum and whisky, but other spirits and liqueurs can also be distilled. We are happy to take your personal wishes into account. We welcome both private and commercial customers. Come and see our quality distillery for yourself.

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Our contract distillery in Wehringen near Augsburg

With the help of our high-quality system from the manufacturer Arnold Hohlstein from 2017, we are at the cutting edge of technology. You are welcome to commission us for a test firing. The net cost for 500ml is €100 and will be credited when the order is placed. The cost breakdown for a distillation incl. Recipe advice and label creation can be found below. The minimum purchase is 200 bottles or 100 liters. For order volumes >100 liters, please contact us personally for a non-binding offer.


Cost breakdown gin

  • 0.5 liter distillate: 12.50€
  • Bottle: 1,90€
  • Cork: 0,50€
  • Label: 0,75€
  • Shrink capsule: 0,09€
  • Filling: 1€
  • 16,74€ per bottle net plus VAT


Cost breakdown rum

  • 0.5 liter distillate: 15€
  • Bottle: 1,90€
  • Cork: 0,50€
  • Label: 0,75€
  • Shrink capsule: 0,09€
  • Filling: 1€
  • 19,24€ per bottle net plus VAT


Whisky cost breakdown

  • 0.5 liter distillate: 20€
  • Bottle: 1,90€
  • Cork: 0,50€
  • Label: 0,75€
  • Shrink capsule: 0,09€
  • Filling: 1€
  • 24,24€ per bottle net plus VAT

Contract distillery for gin: the art of tailor-made spirits ✓

The art of contract distilling for gin has experienced a remarkable renaissance in recent years. More and more people, be they passionate gin enthusiasts or aspiring entrepreneurs, are recognizing the benefits of working with professional distilleries to bring their unique gin creations to life. Contract distilling offers an ideal solution for those who do not have the resources or technical equipment to produce their own gin. This service makes it possible to take into account the creativity and individual taste profile of each customer without compromising on quality. An important step in contract distilling is the close cooperation between the client and the distillery. Together, the desired botanicals, aromas and styles are defined in order to create a tailor-made gin. The distillery’s expertise can be called upon to ensure the perfect balance and harmony of the ingredients. The selection of botanicals plays a decisive role in creating a unique taste.

From classic juniper berries to exotic spices and fresh citrus notes – the variety of aromas is almost limitless. Careful distillation techniques and the use of high-quality base alcohols result in a gin of the highest quality. The contract distillery also makes it possible to produce smaller batches, which is particularly advantageous for start-ups and small companies. This opens up the possibility of testing new formulations and launching them on the market without taking major financial risks. Another advantage of the contract distillery is its flexibility in terms of packaging and branding. From elegant bottles to personalized labels and individual packaging – the design options are diverse and allow the gin to be given a unique identity. Overall, the contract distillery for gin offers an exciting opportunity to explore the world of handcrafted spirits and express individual taste preferences. By partnering with experienced distilleries, customers can be sure that their visions of high-quality gin will be turned into reality – a delight for lovers of the fine distillate.

Contract distillery for rum: A journey through the diversity of handcrafted flavors ✓

The rum distillery opens up a fascinating dimension for rum lovers and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to bring their own, individual rum creations to the market. This form of collaboration makes it possible to use the art of distillation to create handcrafted rums that celebrate the diversity of exotic flavors and high-quality ingredients. The process begins with close coordination between the customer and the distillery to define the desired flavor profiles, aromas and characteristics. From the selection of raw materials to the distillation process, the result is a tailor-made rum that reflects the customer’s personal preferences and creative vision. The variety of ingredients available offers almost endless possibilities for creating a rum with a unique character. Whether refined with Caribbean spices, tropical fruits or special woods – the combinations are as individual as the customers themselves.

Experienced distillers ensure that the balance between the various elements is maintained in order to produce a rum of the highest quality. Another advantage of contract distilling for rum is the ability to produce smaller batches. This not only enables established brands to expand their product range, but also gives new companies the opportunity to launch innovative rum creations on the market without major financial risks. Packaging and branding are other aspects that can be customized. From bottle design to labels to overall presentation – each rum can be given a unique identity that stands out from the rest. Overall, the rum distillery offers an exciting opportunity to explore the world of handcrafted spirits and develop your own personal style. The collaboration with experienced distilleries enables customers to manifest their love of rum in a product of the highest quality – a journey through the flavors and traditions that make rum a unique pleasure experience.

Contract distillery for whisky: handcrafted masterpieces according to individual ideas ✓

The contract distillery for whisky embodies the art of bespoke distillation and opens the door to a fascinating area of spirits production for passionate whisky lovers and budding entrepreneurs. This form of partnership makes it possible to design individual whisky creations based on personal preferences and creative visions. The process begins with close coordination between the customer and the distillery to define the desired characteristics of the whisky. From the choice of grains to the specific distillation methods, every decision influences the final aroma and taste of the whisky. Experienced distillers contribute their expertise to ensure that the balance between the different elements is maintained. The variety of casks available for storage plays a decisive role in the development of the whisky. Whether traditional oak casks, specially treated casks or innovative types of wood – the choice not only influences the color, but also the aromas and character of the whisky during maturation.

Another advantage of contract distilling for whisky is the ability to produce smaller batches. This opens up scope for experimentation and makes it possible to test new recipes without having to produce large quantities at once. For small brands and start-ups in particular, this offers a valuable opportunity to establish themselves in the market. The attention to detail is not only evident in the taste, but also in the packaging and branding. The ability to customize bottle shapes, labels and packaging allows each whisky to develop a unique identity and stand out from the rest. Overall, contract distilling for whisky represents an exciting opportunity to explore the world of handcrafted spirits and develop your own personal style in the process. The partnership with experienced distilleries ensures that the individual ideas of high-quality, tailor-made whisky are turned into reality – a pleasure for discerning connoisseurs and a way to honor the rich tradition of whisky.

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