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In the fascinating world of whisky, there is one way to take your connection to this exquisite drink to a whole new level – buying a whisky cask. It is the ultimate step for true whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs who not only appreciate the taste of whisky, but also want to understand the art of whisky maturation.

Buying a whisky cask allows you not only to own a bottle of whisky, but also to take control of its maturation process and character. It is a journey into the world of individuality, where you can create your very own whisky to suit your unique preferences and ideas.

We will explore the fascinating world of whisky casks, show you how to acquire your own cask and the opportunities that arise. Immerse yourself in the art of whisky maturation and create your own whisky enjoyment that will offer you a lifetime of pleasure.

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Whisky cask sizes: From 5l to 75% cask content, everything is possible ✓

The size of a whisky cask plays a decisive role in whisky maturation and has a significant influence on the taste, aroma and maturation period of the whisky. From small 5-liter casks to impressive 75% casks, almost anything is possible in the world of whisky casks. Here you can find out more about the different whisky cask sizes and their significance for whisky production.

Small whisky casks in the 5 to 10 liter size are perfect for your home.

Small barrels are ideal for those who want to experiment. Due to the greater surface contact between whisky and wood, whiskies in small casks often mature more quickly. This can lead to intense aromas and a faster development of character.

Whisky barrels with 30 liters: A gift for connoisseurs or companies that makes an impression.

Whisky casks with a volume of 30 liters are not only a gift for whisky lovers, but also an impressive way to be remembered. These handy casks offer the opportunity to follow the maturation process of the whisky up close and personalize your own whisky. Whether as a unique gift for a whisky enthusiast or as an impressive corporate gift, a 30-liter whisky cask promises unforgettable moments and impressions. The opportunity to mature and enjoy your own whisky makes this gift a lasting reminder of the world of whisky.

“Standard” whisky casks with 200 liters – whole or in cask proportions from 25 to 75%.

Most of the whiskies in our distillery mature in standard casks with a cask volume of 200 liters. These casks provide a balanced surface for the maturation process and are ideal for developing the characteristic whisky aromas such as vanilla, oak and fruitiness. Standard casks are often used for the long-term maturation of single malts and blended whiskies.

The choice of whisky cask size is a crucial decision for distilleries and independent bottlers, as it significantly influences the character and quality of the final product. Each cask size offers unique opportunities to shape the aromas and flavors of the whisky. The variety of cask sizes available helps to make the world of whisky exciting and multi-faceted, so that whisky lovers can always enjoy new taste experiences.

Buy empty whisky barrels: A decorative element for your home.

Buying empty whisky casks opens the door to a world of creative possibilities and unique projects. These casks, which have already served their time in whisky maturation, are full of character and history. They can be reused for various purposes, be it for storing wine, beer or other spirits or even as a decorative element in your home or business. The versatility of empty whisky barrels offers scope for inspiration and individual design. Whether as a gift, for DIY projects or as a piece of whisky history for your home, buying empty whisky casks is an exciting adventure into the world of craftsmanship and enjoyment. Please enquire about our current stock of empty whisky casks at: info@sin-gold.de

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Special events around your whisky cask

For all those who want to delve even deeper into the role of the Master Blender, we offer individual, additionally bookable events:

Recipe tasting

Try the various recipes and combinations for yourself in advance. You will then be ideally equipped to create your own individual barrel.

Burner Workshop

If you want to experience the birth of a whisky even more actively, you should book our distillery workshop. Learn from our master distiller and get involved in whisky production yourself.

Barrel visits with samples

Of course, free barrel visits with tasting are also possible: we make an appointment, you come alone or with friends for a whisky check. If you wish, you can also combine your visit with a special whisky tasting.

Branding of the barrel lid

You can also have your barrel lid printed by us – for example with your name or logo, the name of your club or the anniversary date of your company.

Small whisky barrel for at home

Order the SinGold whisky cask made of European oak in three sizes: 5l, 10l and 30l filled with the best raw whisky spirit.

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You can find more detailed information about our range, our casks and recipes in the Questions & Answers about whisky casks section.

Whisky cask FAQ

Large barrel or barrel share

Our barrel configuration wizard guides you easily through the various options until you place your order. Among other things, you decide on the size, pre-selection and storage period of your whisky cask. Try out for yourself which barrel suits you and your requirements best.

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Do you need more information?
You can find more detailed information about our range, our casks and recipes in the Questions & Answers about whisky casks section.

Whisky cask FAQ

* The exact price depends on your barrel options. Not included are costs for bottling the whisky (handling, empty bottles, corks, labels, packaging) or partial bottling and, if applicable, shipping.

** Our taste examples are based on experience and are intended to give you an orientation. As with any whisky, however, it is impossible to predict the exact taste – it may differ from our examples.