German whisky: an emerging force in the world of spirits ✓

Discover the fascinating world of German whisky, where traditional craftsmanship meets innovative approaches. Germany has established itself as an up-and-coming player on the global whisky scene. Find out more about the unique characteristics and growing reputation of German distilleries.

Whisky from Augsburg: Our regional raw materialsThe

interplay of climate, water and soil varies from place to place. This makes SinGold whisky and its raw materials as unique as the region it comes from. The malting barley grows right on the doorstep, in the catchment area of the Singold, Lech and Wertach rivers, and is returned to the local mash tun via a detour to the malting plant in Bamberg. There it comes across carefully controlled and filtered water from a deep well in the neighboring nature reserve of the Western Forests. Regionality gives the Singold distillery optimum control over the entire production process and contributes to the individual character of the whisky.

Perfection and tradition: from mash to distillateThe

love of Scottish tradition lives on in the production of SinGold whisky: the unpurified mash, the full grain, is distilled. On a custom-made system from the renowned manufacturer Arnold Hostein using the elaborate pot still process. Fourfold distillation, without redistillation of foreshots and feints, brings the clear distillate to perfection. The SinGold distillery is all about craftsmanship and quality.

Let nature do its thing: the maturing processThe

Föhn, a notorious weather phenomenon in the foothills of the Alps, gives the Singold distillery a mild but changeable climate: warm in winter, cold and wet in spring, dry in summer. And in the fall, thick blankets of fog hang over the wide Leche plain for weeks on end.
In the open construction of the barrel warehouse, the Singold whisky is exposed almost one-to-one to the changing weather conditions and temperatures. Here, the cask breathes on the shelves and the whisky matures in its cask until bottling.
The end product is allowed to remain as it is – unfiltered and uncolored, a pure whisky of the highest quality.

The history of German whisky:

The history of German whisky goes back to the 1980s, when the first distilleries began to produce this fine drink. Inspired by the long tradition of Scottish whisky making, German distilleries began to use local ingredients and unique ageing methods to create an identity all of their own.

Diversity of German distilleries:

Germany offers a diverse selection of whisky distilleries, ranging from small family businesses to renowned brands. Each distillery has its own history, philosophy and approach to whisky production, resulting in an impressive variety of aromas and flavor profiles.

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Innovation and a love of experimentation:

What makes German whisky so special is its love of innovation and experimentation. German distilleries are known for their willingness to try new techniques, use unconventional cask types and experiment with different grains to create unique and exciting whiskies.

German whisky: an exciting alternative with a variety of flavorsGerman

whisky has established itself as a force in its own right in the world of spirits. With a fascinating variety of flavors, a rich cultural heritage and an unbridled love of experimentation, German distilleries invite you to discover new worlds of taste and enjoy the diversity of German whisky.