Hans Jürgen London Dry Gin Winter Ice Age

Hans Jürgen London Dry Gin – Ice Age Winter Edition

As you have probably already noticed, HansJürgen Gin Heisszeit is going into hibernation and its twin brother Eiszeit will be available from November 1st and will accompany us throughout the winter.

What’s different about the Eiszeit? Now the appearance has adapted to the winter and the contents. Ice age is violet and we immediately had this color in mind when we tasted it. Eiszeit is still fresh on the nose and you notice the lemon, but the juniper is more noticeable here than in our summer version Heisszeit. In the mouth it is complex, somewhat oily, round and soft, but the cubeb pepper and ginger come through very nicely. Fine palates can also taste the cardamom, coriander and angelica. It should not be forgotten that our winter gin with 45% vol. warms the heart in winter. Let’s celebrate the HansJürgen Gin Ice Age together on November 2 from 7 pm. The annual Whisky Salon at the Kongress am Park hosts the Eiszeit Party.

The winter edition Hans Jürgen Gin EISZEIT can be ordered in the Singold web store.

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