Hans Jürgen Gin in the exclusive Gin Club by Gin Butler

The winter edition of our Hans Jürgen Gin has also made it into the Gin Club. We are particularly pleased that our Eiszeit is Gin Butler ‘s Gin of the Month for February.

What does that mean? Now the gin of the month can be ordered by all members in the specified month at an exclusive deal. The gin butler then delivers the bottles directly to the customer’s home. As a special extra, the Gin Butler reports on the gin of the month in its blog. Questions such as what is in the gin or what does it taste like are answered. Of course, the suggestion for the Perfect Serve should not be missing at this point.

The Gin Butler concept was created by Jan Schulze-Siebert. As a gin fan, he offers all gin lovers a place where they can discover new things and find out about local and exceptional gins. Membership is free and only members have the opportunity to take home exclusive gin deals every month. A clear recommendation for all gin fans!