Hans Jürgen London Dry Gin – Heisszeit

The passionate distiller experimented in his own manufactory until the finished recipe for his London Dry Gin was ready. A gin that not only bears its name, but is also very similar to it in other respects: Hans Jürgen impresses with its confident, balanced character and captivating lightness.

And – it moves with the times, or rather the season: the summer version, which is fresh and sparkling with notes of pepper, ginger, lemon and orange, goes into hibernation in the fall.

But Hans Jürgen doesn’t let us down in the cold season: the summer version is then replaced by a cozier, more bitter doppelganger, which warms more than just the heart with a little more %.

The Hans Jürgen London Dry Gin can be ordered in the Singold web store.