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Certificate share franc. Cognac barrel


55,00  / 1000 ml

Franz. Cognac barrel share

Lieferzeit: 3 bis 5 Werktage

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Produkt enthält: 1000 ml

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Certificate share for 1 liter of whisky from 01.04.2023 for collection or shipment.

A share is 1 liter in cask strength at approx. 62vol% and costs 55 euros. A maximum of 10 shares are issued per person.

In order not to lose sight of the Angels Share and a few bottles for us, we will give out a maximum of 200 bottles.

The barrel is stored for a maximum of 5 years. At the earliest after 3 years and at the latest after 5 years, the partners have the bottles filled and sent to them, or what is even better, they come by personally and take the whisky out of the barrel themselves and fill it into bottles.

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